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The Iron Suites Medical Centre

Singapores' experts in managing iron deficiency.

Symptoms associated with iron deficiency can include fatigue (mental and physical), brittle nails, hair loss, dark circles under the eyes and pale skin; low iron levels can also cause severe issues such as depression and ultimately lead to anaemia. 

Clinical studies have shown that early detection and treatment of iron deficiency can restore personal health and well being and can be diagnosed by a simple blood test at our clinic.

Did You Know?

1 in 3 women in Singapore suffer from iron deficiency¹.

1 in 2 adults above the age of 55 suffer from iron deficiency².

Are You Iron Deficient?

1) Bruinvels et al. (2015) Heavy Menstrual Bleeding and iron status in exercising women in Singapore. University College London.   2) Yeo et al. (2014) European Journal of Heart Failure, 16(10): 1125-32. 

Testing for Iron Deficiency

Treatments for Iron Deficiency

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