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Service Provider for Medical Doctors

Our services

We are a service provider to clinicians and focus on treatment with intravenous iron. We use the most modern form of intravenous iron that has been thoroughly tested in rigorous clinical studies and having a proven safety record.

With a dedicated treatment room and trained staff devoted to the administration of intravenous iron, we aspire to partner with physicians to help you restore the iron levels of your patients and improve their quality of life.

Please contact us if you would like to work together and utilise our services to administer intravenous iron to your patients.

Journey of your patients

Patient shows symptoms of iron deficiency

Patient returns to you for follow up consult 4-6 weeks after intravenous iron infusion

Patient sees you for help.

You diagnose iron deficiency

Patient feels much better
~48hrs after intravenous iron infusion

You utilize the services of The Iron Suites for administration of intravenous iron

At The Iron Suites we partner with you to ensure the optimal treatment of your patient. Partner clinics would generally be responsible for identification and diagnosis of iron deficiency. Where required by medical need, patients may be sent to us for administration of intravenous iron. After the infusion, we will provide a report of the treatment along with recommendations for future follow-up activities for your patient in relation to their iron deficiency.

Together we can help address the world’s most common nutritional deficiency.

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